Summit Overview

Summit Overview

The No Code Innovation World Series is a premier event that brings together industry experts, thought leaders, and technology enthusiasts to explore and celebrate the advancements in low code and no code development platforms. This event showcases the latest trends, innovations, and best practices in low code and no code technologies, empowering both technical and non-technical professionals to build applications and automate processes without extensive coding knowledge.

Event Key Highlights

Keynote Presentations

Renowned global experts from the low code and no code community deliver inspiring keynote presentations, sharing their insights and vision for the future of these technologies.

Panel Discussions

Engaging panel discussions with industry leaders provide a platform for in-depth conversations about impact of low code and no code on digital transformation, enterprise applications, citizen development etc.

Product Showcases

Leading low code and no code platform providers demonstrate their latest offerings, features, capabilities, and success stories. Attendees can explore different tools and technologies to determine the best fit for their organizations.

Technical Workshops

Hands-on workshops led by experienced trainers provide attendees with the opportunity to learn and master various low code and no code platforms. Participants gain practical knowledge on building applications.

Networking Opportunities

The event offers ample networking opportunities, allowing attendees to connect with like-minded professionals, experts, and solution providers. Networking sessions fostering collaborations, knowledge sharing, and potential partnerships.

Innovation Expo

An exhibition area featuring booths from various technology vendors, startups, and service providers, offering attendees the chance to explore cutting-edge solutions, tools, and services related to low code and no code development.

Social Events

The event includes social gatherings, dinners, and entertainment activities, providing attendees with opportunities to relax, connect informally, and build relationships in a more relaxed setting.

Case Studies

Real-world case studies and success stories are presented, showcasing how organizations across different industries have leveraged low code and no code solutions to drive innovation, increase productivity, and achieve digital transformation.

Hackathons & Competition

Leading low code and no code platform providers demonstrate their latest offerings, highlighting features, capabilities, and success stories. Attendees can explore different tools and technologies.

Thought Leadership Session

Informative and inspiring thought leadership sessions exploring industry trends, innovative strategies, and actionable insights for professional growth and success.

Why Saudi Arabia

The Saudi market for digital transformation has experienced a paradigm shift with the emergence of no-code and low-code solutions. In response to the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 initiative, businesses are increasingly adopting these innovative platforms to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and accelerate their digital evolution. With an emphasis on reducing development time and democratizing app creation, no-code and low-code tools empower organizations to create robust digital solutions without extensive coding expertise. 

This approach resonates well in the Saudi business landscape, fostering a culture of innovation and agility as companies strive to adapt to the fastpaced demands of the digital era while minimizing traditional development complexities.

The convergence of Vision 2030 goals and the adoption of no-code/low-code technologies positions Saudi Arabia at the forefront of digital transformation, offering businesses a scalable and efficient pathway towards enhanced competitiveness and sustainable growth

Benefits For Participants

Learn from successful case studies and best practices of implementing no-code solutions.

Connect and network with industry experts, entrepreneurs, and likeminded professionals.

Acquire practical skills through hands-on workshops and interactive sessions.

Gain insights into the latest trends and advancements in no-code development.

Discover innovative no-code tools and platforms that can streamline workflows and boost productivity.

Explore potential business opportunities and investment prospects in the no-code space.

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NCI Awards Ceremony

Global Market Overview

The global low code development platform market size was worth USD 16.3 billion in 2021. It is estimated to reach an expected value of USD 148.5 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 27.8% during the forecast period (2022–2030).

According to Research and Markets, the global market for low-code platforms is expected to reach around $53.07 billion by 2024, driven by factors such as the increasing demand for customization, scalability, and robust solutions. As per Statista, it is expected that the global low-code platform will reach 65 billion US dollars by 2027 with an expected CAGR of 26.1%.

According to Harvard Business Review, low code/nocode platforms have evolved from just facilitating function-specific tools to making it possible for a broader range of business employees to truly own their automation and build new software applications with no coding while increasing organizational capacity

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